My environment is my inspiration and my distraction, my solace and my escape, truly
a spiritual place.  I am the lord of my manor.

My studio is a little "barn" built on the edge of visible civilization (okay - at the
point where suburbia meets a few acres of forested wetland, and a hundred feet
from the main house).  It doubles as a guest house for my vagabond friends, and a
workroom for my dayjob.

Out here in my "barn", the change of seasons seem more dramatic,  the critters and
frogs are louder, the wind is stronger, and the rain is louder.  I couldn't ask for a
better place for being creative or just hanging out.
The studio peeking through the
blueberry bushes and fall foliage.
My firepit gets a lot of use in the
summer. (You smoke'em peace pipe?)
Studio in winter.
Throw another log on the fire!

Writer's corner (one of them).
September view.
Rusty thinkers.  Behind them is a
clawfoot bathtub and my vegetable garden.
Eye candy.
Lord of the manor, with my
artwork on the fence.
The center of my creative space -
my studio barn.
Hard at work!
On my tree deck,
on top of the world,
(well, my world, anyway).
Late summer view from the
studio's west windows.
My tree deck with a catwalk attached
to the upper room of my studio
(unseen on the left).
Summer's glow
Alpha male inside his habitat.
As a bonus, both to us and those visiting us, we are located two miles from the beaches
of Lake Michigan.   Michigan has beautiful sandy beaches with clean, fresh water.   
Here, there, and
Jack's Boots
Vietnam comrades would nail a fallen soldier's
boots to a tree near the spot where he died
(I wrote a song about it called "Jack's Boots")
Ronnie Hock

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