The Bashers with the Budweiser Girls
Spring Lake Heritage Festival, circa 1998
Bear Lake Tavern, Muskegon, MI  2008
At New York City Stage Lighting Forum
with Steve Lewis, Stephan Graf and
Cindy Hudson, circa 1978
With a black eye from
a fight over a girl
(5 years old)
With son Dylan, circa 1981
with Jamii Szmadzinski (violin) and Denis Smith (guitar)
At the Bear Lake Tavern, August 2008
Second Chance Bar
Ann Arbor, Michigan
circa 1979
Hot Licks Blues Band 1970
I lived with Domenico Sepe at his home & studio retreat in
Pettoranello, Italy, writing & rehearsing for several months in '82 & '83
This is a picture of the village of Pettoranello
Ann Arbor 1977
With wife Wanda, September 2008
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Hamilton and Hock 1989
With Domenico Sepe, Oslo, Norway 1978
With Domenico Sepe
with Denis Smith at Bear Lake Tavern October 2008
Robert Reister, Talented Engineer for Black Umbrellas
Master of bells, whistles, and nuances
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